Mounted on an Iveco eDaily 35S10 Full Electric truck of 3.5 t GVW, a telescopic platform providing a working height of 16.2m and a load capacity of 80kg at its maximum horizontal outreach of 11.2m, rising to 250kg at 7.4m outreach.

The 400° rotation of the turret and the self-levelling 140 x 70 x 110cm platform able to turn 90° + 90° make it possible to get around any obstacles and enable the operator to be positioned precisely at the work area.

The MT 162 Axon gives the same performance as the combustion engine version. A 37kWh lithium battery with 400V working voltage ensures a range of 120km. The charging socket is a standard type at the front of the vehicle for easy connection to charging stations or the industrial/domestic power supply.

The aerial platform is powered by an integrated hybrid module containing a 5kWh lithium battery of 48V working voltage, an electric motor with the pump and the operational electronics. To increase the battery’s range, the platform goes into standby after a few minutes of being idle, stopping all power consumption.

The platform battery is recharged at the same time as the vehicle battery, without the need for further cables. If the platform’s battery runs out of charge, it can continue to be operated by drawing power from the vehicle battery, which only partly reduces the vehicle’s range.

The platform’s movement speed is the same as with the diesel version and is driven by a 2.5kW permanent magnet electric motor.

At a length of 7,123mm and height of 2,740mm when closed, it has straight line stabilizers with front and rear vertical descent, making it a vehicle easy to position even in tight spots.

The Full Electric power supply guarantees cost savings and lower pollution, meaning that it can enter town centres at any time even where traffic restrictions are in force. The start/stop system in the cage ensures even more efficient use of the platform, optimising consumption.

A load moment limiter on the boom ensures safe operation by restricting the outreach in proportion to the load.

EVE, the evolved electronics by Multitel Pagliero, ensures smooth and precise movements using the “full proportional” hydraulic distributor.

The characteristic aluminium boom provides rigidity and precision of movements, without bending or the oscillations that could compromise the accuracy of manoeuvring.

Installing piping and cables inside the boom avoids the risk of damage from obstacles or falling objects and materials. Equipped with all the safety and emergency devices according to regulations.

The telemetry system for remote communication enables GPS localization, machine status display, parameterization and remote diagnosis.

Simple to operate, it can be taken into old town centres, restricted traffic zones and other sensitive areas to use for construction, maintenance, installing and fitting, renovation and cleaning, metal roofing and cladding, tree pruning and much more.

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Technical data sheet

Outreach and working height may vary by ± 5% depending on the truck.

  • Max working height
    16,20 m
  • Max platform height
    14,20 m
  • Max working outreach
  • Max cage dimensions
    1,40x0,70x1,10 m
  • Cage load capacity
    250 kg
  • Cage rotation
  • Turret rotation
  • Stabilizers
  • GVW