Multitel Pagliero Evolved Electronics. All those technologies created and developed inhouse by our engineers, for application on all models of truck-mounted and tracked aerial platforms.

EVE: Multitel Pagliero evolved electronic

On a truck-mounted aerial platform, users must be able to work at height, comfortably, and with complete control over the boom’s movements to precisely position the platform at the work area. On the ground, they must be sure that the machine is correctly stabilized. All of this and much more is made possible by EVE: Multitel Pagliero evolved electronics Our engineers have developed a whole series of proprietary technologies that are applied in different ways to all our models of truck-mounted and tracked aerial platforms.

Many of the functions belong to EVE, starting with automatic stabilization and stowage, which simplifies using the platform and enables it to be easily positioned even in tight spots.

The system offers simultaneous proportional movements and smooth levelling while ascending to a height. From the control panels on both the ground and in the platform, EVE ensures speed, linearity and fluidity of vertical and horizontal movements. No sudden lurches but extending of the sections and elevation of the boom always in perfect balance and with instant adjustments. Thanks to EVE, the operator has full control of the elevation and movement of the platform, whose position in the space is “read” by several high-tech sensors that measure angles, positions and pressures.

The two systems MUSA and MUSA X are part of EVE.
MUSA is an outreach calculation and limitation system that maximises the work area covered by the platform according to the configuration and stabilization selected, the weight of the platform, and the geometric configuration of the boom (angle and extension).
MUSA X, in a further evolution, combines the flexibility of MUSA with a new variable: the tilt of the truck body.

The efficiency and safety of EVE is enhanced by integrating – where applicable – with the telemetry system, whose dialogue via a CAN data transmission network allows information to be read and parameters to be quickly modified.

Evolving year after year, EVE accompanies the technological growth of Multitel Pagliero truck-mounted and tracked platforms, constantly improving their performance and safety.