160 ALU Hybrid

The 160 Alu is the best known Multitel Pagliero platform on the market. The most popular model with over 3500 produced and sold to date, it is also available in the hybrid version, for silent and emission-free use.

Equipped with a 230Ah lead-acid battery pack that powers the 2.5Kw/24V electric motor. The batteries can be charged via connection to the 220V mains and while in operation with a charging capacity of 20%/hour of driving.

In all-electric mode it guarantees 8 hours of work on a standard cycle.

Mounted on a 3.5-ton truck, it has a working height of 16.5m. At its maximum horizontal outreach of 10.5 metres, the platform’s capacity is 80kg, rising to 200kg at 7.8m outreach.

The 360° rotation of the turret and the 1.4m x 0.7m self-levelling platform able to turn 60°+60° enable the operator to get around any obstacles to be positioned precisely at the work area.

Smooth movements and fine positioning are provided by the proportional electro-hydraulic controls, which regulate the speed of extending the sections and elevation, descent and rotation from control panels on the platform and at ground level.

Efficient use and optimised consumption are assured with the start/stop system in the cage.

The straight-line stabilizers using hydraulic jacks designed and manufactured entirely inhouse by Multitel Pagliero make the 160 ALU a simple machine to position even in tight spaces.

The boom made of aluminium ensures rigidity and precision of movements, without bending or the oscillationsthat could compromise the accuracy of manoeuvring. The base frame in treated and painted steel is robust and compact.

The clean design of the boom, which holds the piping and cables internally, avoids the risk of damage from obstacles or falling objects and materials.

Fitted with all safety and emergency devices according to regulations.

Simple to use, secure in its movements and high performance in every context, it can be used in restricted traffic zones, town centres, shopping malls and green areas. The electric motor means that it is silent and free of pollutants. Ideal for rental and resale.

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Technical data sheet

Outreach and working height may vary by ± 5% depending on the truck.

  • Max working height
    16,30 m
  • Max platform height
    14,50 m
  • Max working outreach
    10,50 m (80 kg), 7,80 m (200 kg)
  • Max cage dimensions
    1,40 x 0,70 x 1,10 m
  • Cage load capacity
    200 kg
  • Cage rotation
    60° + 60°
  • Turret rotation
  • Stabilizers
  • GVW