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Multitel celebrates 30-year distributor partnership

By Leila Steed –  12 April 2022 


Italian truck mount specialist Multitel Pagliero is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its partnership with Switzerland-based distributor Stirnimann.

Stirnimann, which is headquartered in Olten, serves construction industry and public sector customers across the country from three bases located in Olten and the municipalities of Vufflens-la-Ville and Bonaduz.

To celebrate the longstanding partnership, which began in the early 1990s and is described as “very solid and profitable”, Multitel welcomed Stirnimann’s senior management team to its headquarters in Manta, near Turin in north-west Italy.

Renzo Pagliero, president of Multitel Pagliero, said, “Stirnimann is a very committed company and our working philosophies are completely in tune with each other.

“Even though it has been run by different directors over the past 30 years, we have always had the same unity of vision and an excellent human relationship”.

In addition to marking the anniversary, the teams also discussed the potential future growth of the partnership, which already sees Stirnimann distribute around 50 articulated and telescopic aerial platforms a year.

Commenting on the strong equipment sales in the region, Roberto Marangoni, Global Marketing and International Sales Director at Multitel, said, “Planning, information sharing and commercial synergy are the basis of the two companies’ success in the Swiss market.

“It is a type of relationship that, when extended to all our customers, reinforces the identity of the brand.”

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