Multitel Pagliero SPA

MJ 201

Telescopic aerial platform mounted on a 3.5-ton truck, with a maximum working height of 20.1m.

At its maximum horizontal outreach of 12.6 metres, the platform’s capacity is 80kg, rising to 250kg at 9m outreach.

The 400° rotation of the turret, the 1.4m x 0.7m self-levelling platform able to turn 90°+90° and the extendable jib opening 100° enable the operator to get around any obstacles and be positioned precisely at the work area.

The start/stop system in the cage ensures efficient use of the platform and optimises consumption.

The fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls assure smooth movements and fine positioning. From panels on the platform and at ground level, these controls regulate the speed of extending the sections and the elevation, descent and rotation.

The stabilization and the automatic stowage make the MJ 201 an extremely easy machine to use.

The boom made of aluminium ensures rigidity and precision of movements, without bending or the oscillationsthat could compromise the accuracy of manoeuvring. The base frame in aluminium alloy and the floor also in micro-perforated aluminium make the platform lighter than a similar one in steel.

The design of the boom, which holds the piping and cables internally, avoids the risk of damage from obstacles or falling objects and materials.

Fitted with all safety and emergency devices according to regulations.

The telemetry system for remote communication enables GPS localization, machine status display, parameterization and remote diagnosis.

Stable and secure at height, reliable and easy to use, it can be deployed in construction, for maintenance, installing and fitting, renovation and cleaning, metal roofing and cladding and tree pruning. Ideal for rental and resale.

Technical data sheet

Max working height


Max platform height


Max working outreach

12,60m (80kg), 9,00m (250kg), 9,80m (225kg)

Cage load capacity


Max cage dimensions

1,4 x 0,7 m

Cage rotation

90° + 90°

Turret rotation