Multitel Pagliero SPA


Training is an integral part of the service offered by Multitel Pagliero to its customers, after having purchased truck-mounted, self-propelled tracked aerial platforms or a special machine. The continuous technological evolution of the machines requires complete and up-to-date knowledge, which the company provides by familiarising customers with the machine and offering courses specifically for the customer’s sales managers and technicians/mechanics.

In Multitel Pagliero’s modern training centre, theoretical training in the classroom is followed by practical lessons on the platforms. . Methods that make sure of a complete understanding of:

  • Mechanical elements with the aid of 3D views;
  • Boom and stabilizer handling systems;
  • Limitations of outreach and safety;
  • Hydraulic systems and components;
  • Electrical and electronic systems with their sensors, diagnostics, calibrations, alarm lists;
  • Ordinary maintenance.


A trip around the eight manufacturing sites is equally essential for better understanding the processes, the technologies used and the high level of vertical integration achieved by the company. Given that Multitel Pagliero products are to be found in the main European markets, the courses are held in Italian, English and French.