Multitel Pagliero SPA



Telemetry is the portal that connects you remotely to either a single platform or your fleet. Simple to operate through a data connection via smartphone, tablet or PC.

With Telemetry you can:
– check in real time a platform’s position, status and any problems to correct
– check the platform’s efficiency, intervening to improve its performance
– schedule maintenance work, saving time and money

How does it work?
The platform is equipped with a modem containing a data SIM connected to the portal and a GPS module that transmits its position.

Once you have entered the portal, a menu shows your entire vehicle fleet where you can select the individual model concerned with its features and status.

The parameters to be monitored can be defined according to your needs and organized in a watchlisthours worked, platform stabilized, state of sensors, position of joysticks/controls, etc. – and each of them is accompanied by a graph displaying changes over time. The full data recorded in the most recent period are presented as a table.

The GPS module detects the platform’s current position, and it is possible to activate an alert to send an email if the vehicle leaves a defined area or is used or set in motion on Saturday or Sunday. The “always active” mode means the modem can be connected 24 hours a day to constantly check on the platform. By selecting the dates, a history of the positionscan be viewed.

Who has access to the data?
Access to the portal is by subscriptionthrough which, once activated, Multitel Pagliero creates a customer account with details of the customer’s vehicles and their characteristics. All the data can be seen but, to ensure efficient and safe use of the application, there are 3 levels of authorisation to modify them.

Level 1: customer, whose vehicle is associated with the relevant dealer
Level 2: authorized workshop / specialized technician
Level 3: Multitel Pagliero technicians who can provide remote assistance and parameterization

Do you already have a Telemetry subscription?